Bulletin 3 - October 1977: Museums in the United Arab Emirates

Museums in the United Arab Emirates

There are four Museums in the Emirates, but unfortunately the nearest one to us here in Abu Dhabi is closed. The others are at Al Ain, Dubai and Fujairah.

Al Ain Museum

A new guidebook with colored pictures illustrating some of the Ethnographical and Archaeological exhibits has recently been issued. The Museum is well worth visiting and gives an insight into local culture and history.

Opening times are shown as:


0800 to 1200, 1600 to 0800 Monday to Thursday

1600 to 1800 Friday


0800 to 1130, 1530 to 1730 Monday to Thursday

1530 to 1730 Friday

The Museum is open on Religious and Official holidays but closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1840. The exhibits are mainly Ethnographical, but there are some Archaeological and Natural History (seashells) exhibits.

Opening times are:

0900 to 1300, 1600 to 1800 Daily, except Saturday afternoons

Fujairah Museum

No details are available about this Museum.



Dennis Boocock, fairly new member of the Group, has offered to become Editor from Bulletin No. 4.

He is aiming to be ready for publication in the middle of January, so all manuscripts should be submitted by mid-December. Please ensure that they are legible and, if possible, typed. If you require assistance or reference to books, contact any member of the Committee.

Previous and present Editors would like to express their thanks to all those ladies who have helped with the typing of draft and finished articles. Additionally our thanks also to those who helped print and collate the copy.


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