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Bulletin Articles by Author


Listed below, from left to right, is the name of the author(s), if known, for every article in each issue of the Bulletins (some administrative articles excepted). The author's name is followed by the title of the article, the publication date of the Bulletin in which the article appeared, followed by the Bulletin number. You will notice that some articles are repeated; these are articles that originally appeared in English but were later reproduced in Arabic.

Author Title Date Number
-- Abu Dhabi Millions of Years Ago Nov-89 39
-- Archaeological Briefs Mar-86 28
-- Archaeology in the UAE (Arabic) Mar-83 19
-- Background to the ENHG Jul-89 38
-- Bird Recorder's Report for 1987 Mar-88 34
-- Birds of Saudi Arabia, The Mar-82 16
-- Cicadas Dec-78 6
-- Comments on As Safarfir Mar-85 25
-- Date Palms in the UAE (Reprint from "The Emirates" magazine, London, Sept. 1983) Mar-84 22
-- Draft Law Banning Hunting in the UAE Mar-84 22
-- ENHG Field Trip to Fossil Valley Jul-81 14
-- ENHG Field Trip to Sueyhan Road Mar-81 13
-- ENHG Marine Section: List of Bulletin Articles on Fish, Coral and Miscellaneous Jul-83 20
-- Evidence for the Prehistoric Use of Flint in the Western Gulf Dec-78 6
-- Gulf Archaeological News Nov-85 27
-- Gulf Archaeology News (Arabic) Nov-86 30
-- Gulf Seabirds Jul-90 41
-- Hints for Collecting Figs Nov-86 30
-- Hints on Collecting Grasses Nov-80 12
-- Hymenoptera 1987 Mar-88 34
-- IUCN Red Data Book Mar-82 16
-- Miscellaneous Records and Press Reports Jul-85 26
-- Miscellany Nov-83 21
-- Miscellany Jul-89 38
-- Miscellany Nov-89 39
-- Miscellany Mar-90 40
-- Museums in the United Arab Emirates Oct-77 3
-- Plant Recorder's Report Mar-88 34
-- Puffer Fish, The Mar-86 28
-- Qarnein Expedition: Recommendations on Conservation, The Mar-90 40
-- Qarnein Island Mar-90 40
-- Scorpion Specimens Jul-79 8
-- Sea Shells Mar-78 4
-- Shihuh of Northern Oman, The Nov-88 36
-- Status of the Mangrove Forests in the UAE (Arabic) Jul-86 29
-- Summary of the Group's Aims and Objectives Mar-88 34
-- Two Lizards of the UAE Nov-85 27
-- Weekend Camping Excursion -- Suggestion Nov-81 15
Adams, T.D., J.N.B. "Bish" Brown, P. Hellyer and E.A. and M. Pitts Natural History of Merawah Island, The Nov-90 42
al Maskery, S. Bedouin Youth, Past and Present Mar-89 37
al Naqash, Dr. A.B. Movement of the Desert Sand on the Al Ain -- Dubai Road Mar-80 10
Al Tekriti, Dr. W.Y. Archaeology in Al Ain Nov-86 30
Al Tekriti, Dr. W.Y. Archaeology in the UAE in the Fourth and Third Millenia B.C. Jul-83 20
Armitage, J. Sanctuary for Escaped Birds Dec-78 6
Aston, E.R. Brief Geology of Sir Bani Yas Island, A Nov-85 27
Aston, E.R. Brief Introduction to the Geology of the UAE, A Jul-85 26
Attewell, N. Ras al Khaimah Museum -- The Collections Jul-87 32
Bertram, Prof. C. Production of Pearls, The Jul-78 5
Bertram, Prof. C. Sea Cows -- Sirenia Mar-77 1
Best, A. Understanding Meteorology in the UAE (Part 1 -- Fog) Jul-86 29
Best, A. Understanding Meteorology in the UAE (Part II -- The Low-level Jet and 40-day Shamal) Jul-87 32
Boocock, D. Termites Jul-79 8
Boocock, D. Unwelcome Creatures of Abu Dhabi Jul-78 5
Bourne, W.R.P. Arabian Gulf Observations Nov-88 36
Bourne, W.R.P. Seabirds Jul-88 35
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Arabian Monarch Butterfly, The Nov-79 9
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Autumn Bird Migration Nov-80 12
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Bats of the UAE Nov-88 36
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Bird Recordings March 1979 Jul-79 8
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Bird Ringing Records from the Gulf Nov-80 12
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Birds of the Wadi Khabb Shamsi Mar-85 25
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Convolvulus Hawkmoth Jul-79 8
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Cormorants -- Offshore UAE Mar-81 13
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Dugong (Dugon dugon) Nov-81 15
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" False Killer Whale, A Mar-80 10
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Glossy Ibis Nov-79 9
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Green Turtle Jul-78 5
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Hawkmoths -- Sphingidae Mar-84 22
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" History of the Abu Dhabi Sewage Farms Mar-83 19
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Identification Key for the World's Sea Turtles Mar-88 34
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Life on the Desert Apr-79 7
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Loggerhead Turtle, The Apr-79 7
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Loggerhead Turtle, The Nov-83 21
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Natural Vegetation and Reafforestation in Abu Dhabi Mar-78 4
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" New Snake from the Sueyhan Area, A Jul-80 11
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Oleander Hawkmoth Jul-78 5
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Preliminary List of Birds Breeding in the UAE and Offshore Islands Mar-82 16
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Recent Turtle Records Nov-84 24
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Reptile Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Reptile Recorder's Report, 1988 Mar-89 37
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Reptiles of Abu Dhabi Island Jul-80 11
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Reptiles of the UAE -- I Jun-77 2
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Sand Boa -- Eryx jayakari, The Nov-81 15
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Sawfish Mar-90 40
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Sea Snakes in the Waters of the UAE Jul-87 32
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Skinks in the UAE Mar-84 22
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Snakes Mar-77 1
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Snakes from the Abu Dhabi Region Nov-89 39
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Some Rodents of the UAE Jul-89 38
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Spiny-tailed Agamid Mar-82 16
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Summary of Bird Recordings (July, Aug, Sept, 1979) Nov-79 9
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Three Hawkmoths recorded in the UAE Mar-83 19
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Ticks Nov-90 42
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Two Lizards of the UAE Jul-85 26
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Wadi Snake, A Mar-88 34
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Whales and Dolphins Jul-84 23
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" Which Binocular? Nov-79 9
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" White Collared Kingfisher Jul-84 23
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" and I. Hamer Unusual Recording of Honeybees (Apis florea) in Abu Dhabi, An Mar-83 19
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" and R.A. Western Egyptian Geese Apr-79 7
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish" and R.A. Western Vegetation of Lower Hafit Jul-81 14
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish", G. Tourney, R.A. Western and M. Willmot Natural History of Jebel Hafit, The Nov-82 18
Brown, J.N.B. "Bish", P. Hellyer, C. Richardson and M. Verhage Qarnein Expedition, The Nov-89 39
Brown, R.W. Checklist of Fishes Apr-79 7
Brown, R.W. Close Encounter of the Feathery Kind Nov-87 33
Brown, R.W. Close Encounters of the Electric Kind Mar-85 25
Brown, R.W. Content and Nature of Arabian Gulf Sea Water Jul-86 29
Brown, R.W. Corals of Abu Dhabi Nov-79 9
Brown, R.W. Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions Mar-84 22
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 1 Mar-77 1
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 2 Oct-77 3
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 4 Dec-78 6
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 5 Jul-79 8
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 6 Jul-80 11
Brown, R.W. Fishes of Abu Dhabi 7 Mar-81 13
Brown, R.W. Fishes of the UAE Jul-82 17
Brown, R.W. Fishes of the UAE Jul-83 20
Brown, R.W. Fishes of the UAE 10 Nov-83 21
Brown, R.W. Fishes of the UAE 11 Mar-85 25
Brown, R.W. Identification of Fishes Mar-78 4
Brown, R.W. New Procedure for Marine Fish Observations/Recordings Jul-83 20
Brown, R.W. Nudibranches -- Thirty Feet Below Mar-80 10
Brown, R.W. Report on ADMA Fishing Contest Jun-77 2
Brown, R.W. and D.J. Rowlands International Dolphin Watch -- UAE Jul-84 23
Campbell, K. Linnaean or Binomial Nomenclature Jul-86 29
Chapman, A. Bird Notes from Offshore Nov-90 42
Chapman, A. Egyptian Nightjar -- A New Record for the ENHG List Jul-90 41
Cleuziou, S. Hili Excavations 1980 - 1981, The Jul-81 14
Cleuziou, S. Hili in the Third Millenium B.C. Jul-84 23
Corfield, D.M. Archaeology in the UAE Mar-77 1
Corfield, D.M. Archaeology Report Mar-77 1
Corfield, D.M. Birds Seen in the British Embassy Compound, 1977 Apr-79 7
Corfield, D.M. Black Francolin in Abu Dhabi, A Oct-77 3
Corfield, D.M. Cone Shells Oct-77 3
Corfield, D.M. Masirah Island Jun-77 2
Corfield, D.M. Short Walk in Abu Dhabi, A Oct-77 3
Corfield, D.M. Solitary Wasp Oct-77 3
Corfield, D.M. Umm an Nar Mar-78 4
Cowles, G.S. New Subspecies of Kingfisher, A Mar-81 13
Crausaz, C.U. Geology Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Crumbie, M. Avicennia marina -- the Grey Mangrove; General Notes and Observations Jul-87 32
Crumbie, M. Bird Notes -- Observations in Abu Dhabi Between 4th March and 5th April 1984 Nov-84 24
Crumbie, M. Bird Notes for mid-October to mid-November 1983 Mar-84 22
Crumbie, M. Birds of Abu Dhabi Island; General Comparison 1971-1973 and 1983-1984 Mar-85 25
Crumbie, M. Observations of the Graceful Warbler, Kentish Plover and Sander's Little Tern in Abu Dhabi Jul-83 20
Crumbie, M. Observations to Clarify the Status of the Reef Heron, Little Green Heron and Clamorous Reed Warbler on Abu Dhabi Island 1985 Mar-86 28
Crumbie, M. Rare Bird Visitors to Abu Dhabi and UAE Jul-85 26
Dawood, A.H. Glimpses of the Historical Geography of the Al Ain Region, Abu Dhabi, UAE Mar-78 4
de Mare, S. Pictoglyphs in Wadi Kubh Nov-83 21
de Matos, J.E. Coastal Sabkha of Abu Dhabi, The Mar-89 37
Dickinson, P. Reptiles and Amphibians of the UAE Jul-81 14
Dickinson, P. and C.W. Furley Plants Palatable to the ArabianOryx Nov-80 12
Dickinson, P. and C.W. Furley Red Foxes Mar-80 10
Donohue, D. Butterfly Notes Nov-79 9
Donohue, D. Collecting and Preserving Insects Mar-82 16
Donohue, D. Dragonflies and Damselflies Nov-80 12
Donohue, D. Giant Water Bugs Mar-82 16
Donohue, D. Insect Collecting -- Killing Bottles Mar-81 13
Donohue, D. Praying Mantises Jul-80 11
Feulner, G.R. Journey to the Centre of the Earth or "A Walk Below the Moho" Jul-90 41
Feulner, G.R. Sawscale Viper Sightings Around Jebel Hafit Mar-89 37
Foxall, I. How Not to Go Turtle Hunting Jul-90 41
Foxall, I. Notes on the Birds Breeding on Qarneyn Islands Nov-85 27
Fraser, I. Bird Recordings on Zirku Island Jul-81 14
Furley, C.W. Adaptation of Desert Animals to their Environment -- Some Examples Jul-80 11
Furley, C.W. Obervations of the Red Fox in the Al Ain Area Jul-83 20
Furley, C.W. Potential Use of Gazelles for Game Ranching in the Arabian Peninsula Mar-84 22
Furley, C.W. Preliminary Observations on the Growth Rates of Neonatal Gazelles Mar-85 25
Furley, C.W. Reproductive Patterns of the Arabian Oryx Nov-80 12
Furley, C.W. Some Mammals of the UAE Mar-87 31
Gebel, H.G. Evidence for Pre-Holocene Industries in the Greater Hili area Jul-84 23
Gebel, H.G. Temperature, Rainfall and Humidity Data at Mazyad, Al Ain 1976 - 1981 Jul-85 26
Gibson, D.W. Diversity of Fishes Mar-87 31
Giles, M. Desert Drive, A Nov-79 9
Giles, T. Black-headed Munia Nov-79 9
Hamer, I. Bees and Wasps of the Ruus al Jibal Mar-85 25
Hamer, I. Hymenoptera Highlights I Nov-82 18
Hamer, I. Hymenoptera Highlights II Mar-83 19
Hamer, I. Hymenoptera Highlights III Jul-86 29
Hamer, I. Hymenoptera Highlights IV Nov-86 30
Hamer, I. Hymenoptera Highlights V Jul-88 35
Hamer, I. and J. Abu Dhabi to North Yemen Overland Jul-82 17
Hamer, I. and J. Overland to Jordan Nov-83 21
Hansman, J. Archaeological Excavations of the Islamic Period in Ras al Khaimah Nov-79 9
Harris, A. Desert Locust, The Apr-79 7
Harris, A. Empty Quarter, The Jun-77 2
Harris, A. Falconry in the UAE Jun-77 2
Harris, A. French Archaeological Excavations at Al Ain, The Jun-77 2
Harris, A. Journey to Umm az Zamul, Asab and the Liwa Jul-80 11
Harris, A. Liwa Oasis, The Jun-77 2
Harris, A. Old Main Mosque, The Jul-78 5
Harris, A. Old Main Mosque in Abu Dhabi, The Jul-85 26
Harris, A. and W. Bertram Dugongs in Abu Dhabi Waters Mar-77 1
Harris, P. Flora in the UAE Apr-79 7
Harris, P. Local Wild Flower (Tribulus sp.), A Oct-77 3
Harris, P. Pergularia tomentosa Jul-79 8
Harris, P. Solanaceae (?) Jul-78 5
Harris, P. Wild Flowers of the UAE Mar-78 4
Heard-Bey, Dr. F. Desert Anomalies of Al Liwa Jul-79 8
Heard-Bey, Dr. F. People of the UAE Jul-78 5
Heath, D.C. Odonata of Das Island Jul-89 38
Heath, D.C. Tips on Natural History Photography Nov-89 39
Heath, D.C. Turtle Rescue on Das Island Nov-89 39
Hellyer, P. Archaeology in Umm al Qaiwain Mar-88 34
Hellyer, P. Archaeology Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Hellyer, P. Brief Survey of the Abu Dhabi Nature Reserve Jul-88 35
Hellyer, P. Family Sturnidae in the UAE Jul-89 38
Hellyer, P. Mammal Recorder's Report for 1987 Mar-88 34
Hellyer, P. Mammal Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Hellyer, P. Mammal Recorder's Report, 1988 Mar-89 37
Hellyer, P. Recent Archaeological Finds at Bithna, Fujairah Mar-89 37
Hollingworth, J. Bird Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Hollingworth, J. Bird Recorder's Report, 1988 Mar-89 37
Hollingworth, J. Bird Species List for 1984 Nov-85 27
Hollingworth, J. Bird Species Summary for 1983 Jul-84 23
Hollingworth, J. East Coast Revisited, Ornithologically Jul-84 23
Hollingworth, M.A. Bird-Watching -- New to Arabia Mar-78 4
Hollingworth, M.A. Bird-Watching on Abu Dhabi Island Oct-77 3
Hollingworth, M.A. List of Bird Species Recorded in Abu Dhabi Island 1977 Jul-78 5
Howe, S. Socotran Cormorant (Phalacrocorax nigrogularis) Breeding in the UAE Mar-89 37
James, P. Local Lichen, A Nov-80 12
Jongbloed, M. Botanical Trip, Easter Weekend 1988 Jul-88 35
Jongbloed, M. First Breeding in Captivity of Arabian Wildcats (Felis sylvestres gordon) Jul-90 41
Khan, M.I.R. Al Babha Plantation Mar-81 13
Khan, M.I.R. Al Bujair Nursery in the Western Region Mar-80 10
Khan, M.I.R. Management, Conservation and Development of Agricultural Resources in the UAE Mar-82 16
Khan, M.I.R. Medina Zayed Plantation Jul-80 11
Khan, M.I.R. Natural Vegetation of UAE Jul-80 11
Khan, M.I.R. Plant Nurseries in Abu Dhabi Nov-83 21
Khan, M.I.R. Plant Nursery Business in Dubai and the Northern Emirates Nov-84 24
Khan, M.I.R. Sand and Sand Dune Stabilization in the UAE Mar-83 19
Khan, M.I.R. Status of Mangrove Forests in the UAE Jul-82 17
Khan, M.I.R. Taming the Abu Dhabi Desert Jul-79 8
Kirby, C. Marine Shells of Abu Dhabi Jul-82 17
Kirby, C. Sea Shells Mar-82 16
Lindley, Rev. R. Short History of Middle-Eastern Maps, A Mar-78 4
Lindley, Rev. R. Short History of Middle Eastern Maps, A (Arabic) Jul-83 20
Long, D. Collection and Preservation of Bryophytes in Arabia Nov-82 18
MacRae, J.D. Lost City, A Mar-80 10
MacRae, J.D. Two Drives Close to Abu Dhabi Jun-77 2
Marinucci, Dr. C. Italian Historical and Ecological Research in the Arabian/Persian Gulf Mar-84 22
Melone, J-C. Common Landscape Plants in the UAE Jul-86 29
Nahas, I. Puffer Fish -- Arothron hispidus Jul-85 26
Nisbet, J. Coin Hoard from Ras al Khaimah, A Nov-79 9
Nisbet, J. Muslim and Christian Calendars, The Nov-79 9
Nisbet, J. Nineteenth Century Mint from the Trucial Oman, A Dec-78 6
Nisbet, J. Red Sea -- an Observation, The Jul-79 8
Nisbet, J. Two Coins from the Desert Jul-79 8
Petroleum Review Saving the Sperm Whale; Petroleum Review Jul-84 23
Philips, N. Desert Sheep Jul-78 5
Philips, N. Questions and Answers on the Geology and Scenery of the Al Ain Region Nov-86 30
Pittaway, A.R. Butterflies and Hawkmoths of Qatar and Eastern Arabia Nov-80 12
Pittaway, A.R. Butterflies and Hawkmoths of Qatar and Eastern Saudi Arabia Nov-81 15
Pras, S. Marine Molluses of the Arabian Peninsula Jul-88 35
Prytz, Marianne Expedition to the Liwa Mar-80 10
Rawlings, S.W. Suggestions for the Collection and Despatch of Plants Mar-81 13
Reaney, L. Birds of Das Island, UAE, 9/11/85 - 2/11/86 Nov-86 30
Reaney, L. Das Island -- A Summary of Bird Recordings 1985-1988 Nov-88 36
Reaney, L. Some Butterfly and Moth Recordings Nov-87 33
Richardson, C. Status of the Great Gray Shrike (Lanius excubitor) in the UAE Jul-89 38
Roche, C.G. Notes on the Bees and Wasps of the UAE Nov-81 15
Roche, C.G. What's in a Name? Nov-81 15
Rowlands, D. International Dolphin Watch -- Abu Dhabi Branch Report Jul-85 26
Saines, N. History of the Buraimi Oasis Jul-86 29
Scott, J. Sand, Subkha and Shells Mar-77 1
Scott, J. Stalked Barnacles in Abu Dhabi Mar-77 1
Scott, J. and J.N.B. "Bish" Brown Trip to Bahrani Island Jun-77 2
Southey, M. Scorpions Nov-82 18
Southey, Mike Solifugae (Camel Spider) Mar-82 16
Spain, E.S. Abu Dhabi Climatological Summary Mar-82 16
Spain, E.S. Climatological Summary for 1980 Mar-81 13
Stewart-Smith, J. Waders in the UAE -- Part I Mar-77 1
Stewart-Smith, J. Waders in the UAE -- Part II Mar-78 4
Stoel, P. Al Hair Archaeological Site Jul-90 41
Thomas, Bertram Extract From 'Arabia Felix' Mar-80 10
van Riet, C. Cormorants Records Jul-88 35
van Riet, C. Flamingo and other Marine Records Nov-88 36
van Riet, C. Marine Observations From March and April 1989 Nov-89 39
van Riet, C. Marine Records -- Autumn and Winter, 1988 Mar-89 37
Wallihan, D. Cowries Jul-82 17
Warr, F.E. UAE Bird Recoveries Mar-81 13
Western, R.A. 1979-80 Excavations at Hili, The Jul-80 11
Western, R.A. Adaptations of Plants to a Desert Environment Nov-88 36
Western, R.A. As Safarfir -- An Early Islamic Copper Mine in the UAE Nov-84 24
Western, R.A. Botanical Reconnaissance of the Northern Emirates, February 1985, A Nov-85 27
Western, R.A. Botany Field Trip to Ghayl Nov-87 33
Western, R.A. Botany Recorder's Report [1988] Mar-89 37
Western, R.A. Botany Recorder's Report for 1989 Mar-90 40
Western, R.A. Coastal Vegetation of Fujairah, The Mar-87 31
Western, R.A. Controversy over the Domestication of the Camel Jul-79 8
Western, R.A. Curcurbitaceae in the UAE Mar-86 28
Western, R.A. Flint and the Pre-history of Abu Dhabi Dec-78 6
Western, R.A. Flint Finds from Jebel Mahijir, Abu Dhabi Nov-88 36
Western, R.A. Flora in the United Arab Emirates, The Nov-90 42
Western, R.A. Grasses of Abu Dhabi Island Mar-83 19
Western, R.A. Mangrove, The Nov-79 9
Western, R.A. Natural Vegetation of Abu Dhabi Island Jul-82 17
Western, R.A. New Flint Find in Abu Dhabi Mar-80 10
Western, R.A. Plantago in the UAE Jul-89 38
Western, R.A. Plants in the UAE -- the Carnation family Jul-84 23
Western, R.A. Pottery Found in Abu Dhabi Emirate Nov-80 12
Western, R.A. Qarn bint Saud Nov-82 18
Western, R.A. Second Season of Excavations by the French Archaeological Expedition in the Al Ain Region Jul-78 5
Western, R.A. Seminar for Arabian Studies Nov-80 12
Western, R.A. Some Butterflies of Das Island Mar-88 34
Western, R.A. Southern Ruus al Jibal -- An Introduction to its People and Natural History, The Mar-85 25
Western, R.A. Third Season of Excavations at Hili, The Apr-79 7
Western, R.A. Two Spring Animals Mar-84 22
Western, R.A. Vegetation of Offshore Islands in the Gulf Jul-83 20
Western, R.A. Vegetation of the Arabian Gulf Coast of the UAE Nov-83 21
Western, R.A. Wahiba Sand Sea, Oman: Royal Geographical Society Symposium, October 7th 1987 Nov-87 33
Westgate, R. Ancient Arab Astronomy Nov-87 33
White, R.L. Analysis of Bitumen from Ad Door, An Jul-89 38
White-Cooper, D. Rock Engravings in the UAE and Musandam Peninsula Mar-87 31
Willmot. M. Animal Traces Nov-81 15
Yates, P. Sand Dunes Made Simple Jul-82 17



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